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Prevent Musculoskeletal Disorders and promote daily physical activity at work



Musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) are one of the most common work-related ailments. Millions of workers are affected througout world by MSDs and it costs employers billions of euros. Tackling MSDs is a profitable move as it helps improve worker's health and their general wellbeing.

Work-related MSDs affect the back, neck, shoulders and upper limbs as well as the lower limbs. The MSDs designation includes any damage or disorder of the joints or other tissues. Health problems range from minor aches and pains to more serious medical conditions requiring time off or medical treatment. They can even cause disabilities leading to the inability to work in more chronic cases.

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Sedentary behavior, classed as any period of very low physical activity spent sitting or lying down (outside of normal sleeping pattern), is a risk factor for poor health and workplace performance, independent of weekly physical activity levels.

Workplace wellbeing programs can provide employers a leadinf edge and are increasingly expected by employees.

Regular physical activity has a wide range of health and wellbeing benefits for individuals including the ability to address common causes of absenteeism, thus benefiting corporations.

Regular physical activity can also enhance workplace productivity and performance.


Real time and sensorless

MATVISIO is a bundle that combines a camera and software.

The algorithms used by MATVISIO rely on computer vision technology and Artificial Intelligence.

Those technologies enable MATVISIO to do away with any sensors or connected objects worn by the user, making the solution unobtrustive and therefor as closely aligned with the user's professional reality as possible.

MATVISIO algorithms have been developed in collaboration with ergonomists and physical trainers played a key role in MATVISIO's algorithms' development.



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  • Unrestructed movements

    MATVISIO does not require the person under observation to wear any special equipment (such as connected bracelets or body sensors), giving a closer representation of their professional reality without disrupting their productivity.

  • Set up in 5 minutes

    Simply connect the camera to your PC, laptop or NUC, run the software : MATVISIO is ready to be used in minutes !

  • Ultra-light weight

    As a trusted partner of trainers and itinerant preventionists, MATVISIO's is designed to be incredibly lightweight and portable. The system only adds the weight of the camera and the laptop, making it eaasy to carry and use on-the-go.

  • Mirror effect : increased awareness

    With MATVISIO, the user's realization of his hazardous movements and postures is effectively and sustainably enhanced.

  • Accurate

    MATVISIO complies with the standards and regulations in force in the fields of health and safety at work.

  • Internally developed

    MATVISIO is a software developed by a team of computer vision engineers, human resources consultants, occupational health and safety trainers, and ergonomists.

  • Traceability and objectivity

    The data collected by MATVISIO facilitates studies, expertise and analyses conducted previously with other organizations. MATVISIO promotes the objectification of MSDs-generating work situations and the measurement of a workstation's hardship.

  • Workplace quality of life

    MATVISIO solutions paired with other devices incorporates a musculoskeletal disorder prevention approach into employees' daily routine, as advised by the Corporate Social Responsibility. MATVISIO enables a personalized and individualized approach to employee's movements and postures, in order to enhance their work-life quality in a sustainable and effective manner.




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